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Camp C 2022 YES

Lions Denmark Camp C 2022 YES

This page is mainly aimed for Lions Youth Students at Lions Denmark Camp C 2022 YES
LIONS Club Kolt-Hasselager is arranging the LIONS Youth Camp in Denmark 2022 and we look forward to welcome 35 Lions Youth Exchange Students from around Europe on our LIONS Youth Camp C.
The Lions Youth Camp Exchange (YCE) program is an important activity to meet one of the main objectives in Lions Club International:
To foster a spirit of understanding and encourage peace among the people of the world.
The camp will take place from July 16th to July 30th, 2022 at the boarding school Klank Efterskole, which is situated in the small village Galten, around 20 kilometers from the regional capital Aarhus.
The young people will arrive at the camp after a 1 or 2 weeks stay at a Danish host family, where they have been a part of the daily living in a Danish family.
At the camp there will be good opportunities for socializing and having fun around outdoor and indoor activities such as sports, ball games, music and singing and you will also gain an insight into Danish culture and traditions. It is our hope that you during the camp will be able to make friendships for life.

The overall theme of the camp will be social intercultural interaction with a focus on sustainability - climate, energy, environment and resource consumption. Changes in the climate, our consumption of the planet's resources, pollutants etc. affects the entire population of the earth and is a current theme in most countries. At the camp some excursions to technical facilities will enable you to experience how some of these problems are solved in and around Aarhus.
Planning the camp was started a year ago and fortunately we can arrange the camp in cooperation with the Lions LEO Club Aarhus, from which several members with experience from earlier camps will participate as camp staff .

The main part of the camp is financed by Lions Denmark but we are especially grateful for the  economic support to arrange the camp from  AURA  and 'Koltgårdens Venner'

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